Converting a Ford Transit Van to a Home on Wheels

It all started because of these two, who needed more space on roadtrips…

Evolution of Home

First, it was our backpacking tent,

Then it was a Tepui Rooftent,

Now it is our van.

Objectives and Goals:

  • Renewable Power Source, non-toxic materials
  • How to make a Hobbit Inspired Van


  1. Paid for Transfer Fee for Van – 12/21/20
  2. Picked up Van, began conversion same day 1/28/20
  3. Check-in : April 16, 2020 – nearing the end of important steps, last two key steps are building a composting toilet and a propane box with vent

Phase 1

    1. Preparation and Deep Cleaning
    2. Subfloor and Top Floor
    3. Roof Vent, Solar, Roof Rack
    4. Wiring
    5. Walls

Phase 2

    1. Ceiling and Lighting
    2. Bed Frame
    3. Mount Electrical Box
    4. Pullout Tables

Phase 3

    1. Cabinets
    2. Seat Storage

Phase 4

    1. Water and Kitchen Sink
    2. Heater and Propane

Phase 5 – Dreams and End Goals

    1. Bug Net
    2. Rain Shade Awning
    3. Shower
    4. Portable Toilet
    5. Fridge

initially covered in dense cigarette tar, every nook and cranny had to be scrubbed clean to rid the van of the nasty smell.